Theater Mitu has a deep commitment to sharing the arts with communities whose exposure to theater is minimal or non-existent as a result of economics, logistics and/or geography.  These engagements can range from small workshops to the creation of performance exchanges and/or collaborations among its members and international artists.  As Mitu continues to expand its work to a global audience, the company is dedicated to collaborating with specifically identified communities in an effort to increase cultural diplomacy.

Our work incorporates tools for expression that, due to their iconic and physical nature, are familiar and accessible to people with little or no exposure to theater. Mask making, puppetry, shadow puppetry, dance and music are just a few of the many forms that Theater Mitu has shared as a cultural bridge between ourselves and these selected communities. With the assistance of local community partners, Mitu works to develop and design individualized workshops and exchanges that engage local artists and communities in dynamic discussions.  Using these tools, Mitu hopes to forge a fertile space of cultural exchange and encourage dialogue between artists and citizens around challenging subjects.

Theater Mitu has a history of programs and/or relationships with the Visthar Institute for Peace and Social Justice in Bangalore-India, Geneseo Migrant Worker Center in upstate New York, Albuquerque’s Working Classroom, Columbia’s School of Theology, the US Embassy in Mongolia, El Paso’s Annunciation House, and the Saadiyat Construction Village in Abu Dhabi.

Theater Mitu believes that it is through these programs that the individual is allowed to reconnect to their own individual and collective mythology, and in doing so, inspire dialogue about their own beliefs within their communities.

Theater Mitu