Attilio Rigotti

Associate Artist

Attilio Rigotti is an actor, technology artist and video game designer. Born and raised in Chile, he was part of the inaugural class of New York University Abu Dhabi. His obsession with interactive storytelling and the performing arts has led him to explore the space between video games and theater. Video games create unique, user-centered experiences shaped by players’ choices. Attilio translates this into interactive theatrical experiences in which the audience fundamentally shapes the performance as it happens.

Attilio has trained and performed around the world in Chile, Italy, India, USA and the UAE as well as collaborated with companies such as Witness Relocation (M.D. Or The Whale, WR Performance Bootcamp), the Global Theatre Project (An Explorer’s Desire) and Theater Mitu (The Ramayana, South Indian Artist Intensive). Hamlet/UR-Hamlet was his first collaboration with Theater Mitu as a performer and co-creator.

In collaboration with DUOC UC in Chile, Attilio and Nikolai Kozak developed the experimental performance Me[Moria]. Through the use of in-ear feeds and projections, Me[Moria] allowed viewers to stage their personal stories in an intimate environment where the line between actor and audience was blurred.

Currently, Attilio is a teaching fellow at NYU Abu Dhabi, which has allowed him to assist and lead workshops in Lebanon (Lebanese American University) and Chile (DUOC UC). He is also an ASTEP Fellow, and spoke at NYU Abu Dhabi’s inaugural TEDx2014 conference on the significance of video game as an art form.

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