Kevin Riordan

Resident Artist

Kevin first encountered Theater Mitu while writing a critical essay about the company’s Death of a Salesman for Modern Drama.  He subsequently joined Mitu for the 2012 research trip to Japan, and since then has been increasingly involved in research and production while continuing to write with and about the company. With Michael Littig, he co-authored a piece about HEARTPIECE in Mongolia for Electra Street; he documented A Dream Play’s dramaturgy in Theatre Topics; and he wrote the introduction to the Juárez script for TheatreForum.  With production, Kevin served as a dramaturge on A Dream Play and The Odyssey (in collaboration with the NYU Abu Dhabi Theater Program) and also has collaborated with Ryan Conarro on Generator Theater’s Keep Coming Back Because and Three Saints of Failure.  Beyond his work with Mitu, Kevin is a teacher and scholar of modernism and theater with his research appearing in journals such as Theatre Annual, Performance Research, Modernism/modernity, and Intertexts.  He currently is based in Singapore, where he is Assistant Professor of English at Nanyang Technological University. He is at work on a series of projects about how theater travels, including a performance history of circumnavigation.

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A Dream Play

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