Sivakumar Gurukkal

Resident Artist

Sivakumar Gurukkal is an interdisciplinary artist as well as being a master and teacher of Kalaripayattu, a South Indian Martial Art and system of Aryuvedic health treatment.  Gurukkal is a direct descendent of C.V. Narayanan Nayar, whose master Kottakkal Karnaran Gurukkal is considered the Grand Master of modern Kalaripayattu practice; having founded C.V.N. Kalari, which Gurukkal now runs in Kollam, India.  Gurukkal began training with his father, the late Vasudevan Gurukkal at the age of five.  Since then, Gurukkal’s research has focused on the proliferation of Kalaripayattu around the world. This has pursuit has brought him to Japan, Poland, the UK, and the UAE, among others.

He is currently engaged in the choreography of “Lasya Thandavam”, a contemporary work of combining and unifying Kalari with Mohiniattam, the female classical dance form of Kerala.  Recently Gurukkal was featured as the fight director for the blockbuster Malayalam film, Veeram.

His work with Theater Mitu has included serving as a master instructor for every South India Artist Intensive, conducting extensive advanced training for company members both in and outside of India, and developing Theater Mitu’s production of Hamlet/UR-Hamlet.  Gurukkal has also hosted yearly short-term training programs for NYU Abu Dhabi students in India. 

Gurukkal currently resides in Kollam, India where he teaches at CVN Kalari.

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