Xiao Quan

Adjunct Artist

Xiao Quan is a performer, musician, photographer and documentary filmmaker. Influenced by filmmakers Louis Malle, Richard Linklater as well as writers such as Marcel Proust, Haruki Murakami and Alain De Botton, Xiao is invested in theatricalizing and heightening the unnoticed performativity of everyday living. As a theater maker, he strives to enrich live performances with processes borrowed from post-production filmmaking to make an immersive and holistic impact to the witness. His current research focus includes the feeling of loneliness as a product of societal and structural injustice; higher consciousness; as well as the development of Artificial Intelligence.

As a performer, Xiao has trained with Mitu in its South Indian Artist Intensive in Bengaluru, India, recently this summer and had collaborated with Mitu on its new project in development, REMNANT in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Besides Mitu, Xiao has performed and collaborated with 600 HIGHWAYMEN (The Fever, NYU, The Public Theater), Big Dance Theater (17c, Abron Arts Center), Ma TingYing (Future Host, The Knockdown Center), Allyson Green and Peter Terezakis (Sacred Sky, Sacred Earth, Villa La Pietra, Florence, Italy, The Town Hall on 42nd Street.) Yangtze Rep (Behind the Mask, Theater for the New City) as well as four StageWorks shows during his time at NYU with directors including Laurie Carlos, Michele Shay, Cecil Mackinnon and Naila Al-Atrash. As a musician, Xiao has performed and toured as the concertmaster of Changjun Symphony Orchestra when he was sixteen, in Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Budapest, China and the US, in concert halls including The Wiener Musikverein, Theater des Westens and other venues such as St. Joseph’s Church, St. Marks Church, Frederick Loewe Theatre in New York City.

At the Experimental Theater Wing at NYU, Xiao has recently created his Thesis Project called FIRST GEN that examines the impact of the popularization of the internet to our perception of reality and experience of solitude, loneliness and connectedness in relation to another individual. Xiao is a 2017 graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

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