Theater Mitu firmly believes that transformative theatrical experiences do not only happen during performance, but can also be engendered through internships and apprenticeships. Theater Mitu accepts volunteer interns on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Depending on the research, training, travel, and production schedule of the company, the length and location of internships may vary.  Interns are required to work a minimum of 15 hours per week although many choose to work more.

The type of work varies depending on the needs of the company, the current activity, and the talents and skills of each intern. Internships are structured specifically around the selected applicants and his or her interests and skills. The internship program offers the opportunity for interns to become familiar with the administrative and creative process of Theater Mitu. The work can consist of a range of activities including administrative support (office upkeep, digital media management, document creation, etc), production support (assisting in rehearsals, pre-production preparations, research, etc) and company maintenance (grant research, organizing mailings, etc).

Given the small size of the company, interns are able to contribute greatly to the daily life of the company as well as create lasting relationships with its members. It is essential to the company that the internship be a mutually rewarding experience. Interns not only have the opportunity to witness Theater Mitu in rehearsals but also get invaluable access to the behind-the-scenes life of an international theater company.

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