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Theater Mitu has developed WHOLE THEATER as a training and creation methodology. It extrapolates foundational theories and creation work from a series of specific world traditions. We believe these traditions demand, from both audience and creator, an experience that is rigorously visual, aural, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Theater Mitu has, for over a decade, carefully studied and trained in these forms to distill the foundation work and philosophical ideas that drive such impactful forms.

WHOLE THEATER, as a distinctive performance and pedagogical process, lends itself well to education/training institutions. As a method, it builds on Theater Mitu’s seven MAJOR STEPS. Dilation, for example, refers to the body, an idea, a sound, emotion or text. This singular concept, dilation, is then paired with other multi-dimensional elements, such as beauty, the meaning of icons or the force of impossibility. Once students interact with the basic steps and many different formulations (of which this example is only one), the process only increases with study and rehearsal. Without proposing a particular aesthetic palette, this process opens doors for students, allowing them to see that their travel forward is a matter of discipline and enthusiasm.

Theater Mitu is proud of its unique methodology and the company is very eager to share it with fellow theater-makers. Mitu’s collaborators firmly believe that transformative theatrical experiences do not only happen during performance, but can also be engendered in a classroom. Our methodology benefits from the questions and scrutiny that arises from teaching, even as students extend their process through the development of queries as much as through learning new systems. It is this challenging and revolutionizing progression that begins the process of a complete artistic collaboration—and true learning.

Theater Mitu offers month-long, semester-long or core curriculum classes in WHOLE THEATER. These introductory, intermediate and advanced level classes have been offered at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, NYU Abu Dhabi, Bard College, and The National University of Mexico (UNAM).

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