Written in cuneiform, an ancient Sumerian script, the Theater Mitu logo graphically represents our attempt to bridge the human, the Divine, and the truth.

The two triangles at right angles in the upper left of the logo represent forgotten truths, or lost knowledge: the positioning of the triangles suggests a balance between the axis of heaven and the axis of earth.

The downward pointing triangle over the “t” represents the Divine: that downward moving spiritual energy symbolized by the horizontal arm of the axis mundi (the celestial pole expressing the point of connection between sky and earth where the four compass directions meet).

The two triangles in the logo, one behind the other, represent humanity: the repetition of the triangular figure suggests community. This functions as a symbol for humanity.

The figures representing truth and lost knowledge are connected to the figures representing the human community which speaks to the relationship between humanity and its stories and myths. It is through these myths that mankind can attempt to touch the divine. This endless striving for connection is represented by the “t” of Theater Mitu, which attempts to bridge the gaps between all of the elements in the image, striving for a more perfect reconciliation of these potent and essential energies.

Theater Mitu