Driven by a commitment to innovation, Theater Mitu expands the definition of theater through methodical experimentation with its form.



Theater Mitu builds bridges across ideas, cultures, and communities. Using art-making as a mode of research and inquiry, Theater Mitu shares knowledge, sparks dialogue, and strengthens community through cultivating radical ways of reimagining our world. Theater Mitu embodies this by way of our productions; trans-global research initiatives; artist support opportunities; and education programs galvanizing the next generation of artists.



Theater Mitu values artistic rigor, disciplined exploration, and the continuous exchange of knowledge. We are committed to creating and maintaining a space that embraces the whole person as a vibrant and unique range of embodied experiences, histories, and imaginations. Theater Mitu asserts that identity is not negation but aggregation. We hold these intersectionalities as essential to the vibrancy and growth of our community.

Theater Mitu