Written and Directed by Rubén Polendo
Produced and presented by Theater Mitu at New York's Clemente Soto Velez Center as part of The Public Theater's Under the Radar Festival (as curated by Mark Russell)
Spring 2006

Theater Mitu presents a production of Ahraihsak (previously titled Dhammashok) at New York’s CSV Center. The piece is an epic and mythical play, rooted in a story from ancient India. With over 40 characters played by twelve actors, Ahraihsak follows a regal prince as he transforms into a ruthless warrior striving to unite his country, and his subsequent conversion to Buddhism.

Scenic Design and Choreography: Scott Spahr
Lighting Design: Ryan Mueller
Costume Design: Miranda Hoffman
Puppet Design: Ben Fox
Mask Design: Lori Petermann
Original Music: Jef Evans
Original Songs and Musical Direction: Todd Almond
Dramaturgy: Jocelyn Clarke, Scott Spahr, Miranda Hoffman, Mark Schultz
Stage Manager: Rebecca Griffin

Cast: Aysan Celik, Airrion Doss, Ben Fox, Carmen M. Herlihy, Jason Lew, Jenni-Lynn Brick, Darren Pettie, Mark Schultz, Corey Sullivan, Peggy Trecker

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