But Above All Without a Plan…

Conceived and Directed by Rubén Polendo and Scott Spahr
Inspired by the letters of Anton Chekov
Produced in collaboration with the Laboratory for International Theater
Winter 1998

Theater Mitu creates and produces but above all without a plan… Written by Rubén Polendo and S. Spahr/ Directed by Rubén Polendo as part of LITE’s Chekhov NOW Festival- As Curated by Anne Bogart. The letters of Anton Chekov inspire words, dance and extreme physicality that merge and collide within the accepted violence of vaudeville and explore the frustrations and motivations that drive an artist.

Set and Costume Design: Rubén Polendo and Scott Spahr
Lighting Design: Ryan Mueller
Stage Manager: Heidi Hernandez
Original Music: Jef Evans

Cast: Aysan Celik, Jenni-Lynn Brick, Mark Schultz, Scott Spahr

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Theater Mitu