A Theater Mitu Collaboration
Conceived and Directed by Rubén Polendo
Inspired by the Short Stories of Luigi Pirandello,
the film Kaos by the Taviani Brothers
and the dance piece Kaos by Martha Clarke
Text Adapted by Rubén Polendo and Chris Mills
Dramaturgy by Chris Mills
Spring 2011

Theater Mitu folds Pirandello's themes of travel and migration into an emotional landscape of despairing mothers, possessed lovers, trickster scribes and magical craftsmen. Working with the elegant forms of Japanese, Balinese and Arabic traditions, and featuring original live music, this expressionistic piece creates a vivid panorama to delve into the heart of the migrant experience. Mitu's new work asks: How does hope survive amidst CHAOS?

World Premiere presented by the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage

Associate Producer: Tyler Penfield
Scenic Design: Czerton Lim
Costume Design: Candida K. Nichols
Lighting Design: Kate Ashton
Movement Design: Scott Spahr
Original Music: Ellen Reid
Mask Design: Lori Petermann
Musicians: Ryan Bancroft, Kassandra Kocoshis

Performed by: Nathan Elam, Justin Nestor, Corey Sullivan, Mia Katigbak, Erin Buckley and Wil Petre
NYU Abu Dhabi Apprentices: Amani Alsaied, Máté Bede-Fazekas, Kelly Dougherty, Nolan Funk, Symone Gamble, Mark Hoffman, Raleigh Logan, Adam Pivirotto, April Qingfeng Xiong, Jordan Schulze, Joshua Shirley, Attilio Rigotti Thompson, Yannick Trapman-O'Brien

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Theater Mitu