Adapted and Directed by Rubén Polendo
Inspired from the text by Heiner Müller
Produced in collaboration with NYU Undergraduate Drama
Fall 2000

Theater Mitu present a production in collaboration with NYU/Tisch of Hamletmachine. Adapted and Directed by Rubén Polendo. Based on a text by Heiner Müller. The play, traditionally viewed as an overwhelmingly political piece became an exploration of social and spiritual nature by delving more deeply into icons of gender and gendered behavior.

Set Design: Lisa Dent
Costume Design: Rebecca Dowd
Lighting Design: Aaron Black
Original Music: Aysan Celik and Rubén Polendo
Stage Manager: Carrie Meconis
Assistant Director: Stephen Brackett
Dramaturgy: Chris Mills

Cast: Ben Fox, Jason Lew, Ryan West, Bryce Dallas Howard, Carmen Herlihy, Laura Stinger, BJ Lockhart, Justin Klosky, Andrea Gastelum, Ilana Meredith

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Theater Mitu