A Theater Mitu Collaboration
Adapted and Directed by Rubén Polendo
Dramaturgy by Chris Mills

This work began with a simple question presented to every Theater Mitu actor: As an actor, what would be the most terrifying role you can think of playing? What follows is an exploration of artistic fear and impossibility melding elements of Japanese Noh and Butoh with early German cinema theory as Theater Mitu delved deep into the heart of one of the most violent and dark of human crimes. In this ancient Greek classic by Euripides, Medea – jilted bride of the Greek hero Jason – confronts betrayal, sorrow, passion, love, and ultimately death in her quest for vengeance. The company engages in a violent adaptation that examines the play's perceptions of gender by presenting the famed villain Medea as a man and her paramour, Jason, as a woman.

Scenic Design: Czerton Lim
Costume Design: Candida K. Nichols
Lighting Design: Kate Ashton
Sound Design: Alex Hawthorn
Associate Sound Design: Charles Coes
Stage Manager: Jenny Logico
Assistant Stage Manager: Raney Cumbow
Company Manager: Hilary Austin
Marketing Director: Tyler Penfield
Production Manager: Danny Thomas
Assistant Director: Nick Minas
Assistant Sound Design: Colleen Toole
Assistant Costume Design: Sandy Volta
Assistant Lighting Design: Carly McCollow
Assistant Lighting Design: Heather Smaha
Intern/House Manager: Jenny Waxman

Performed by: Justin Nestor, Aysan Celik, Nathan Elam, Jenna Gabriel, Judi Olson, Steven Olender, Nikki Calonge

With the voice of: Mia Katigbak

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