Written by Ben Fox and Rubén Polendo
Directed by Rubén Polendo
In collaboration with NYU Graduate Acting
Spring 2007

Inspired by Hindu, North African and Gypsy moon myths, Moonchild tells the story of a woman whose desire for love is so great, it summons the moon, awakens the oceans and changes the course of humanity forever. Soon she discovers the sacrifice made may be too much for her to bear. In a landscape of tricksters and superstition, of vows and prophecies, the voices of the past ask us to question our dreams--to ask ourselves how far would we go in search of true love.

Stage Manager: Jenni Bowman
Set Design: Sia Balabanova
Costume Design: Sarita Fellows
Lighting Design: Kate Ashton
Composer/Musician: Todd Almond
Mask Design: Ben Fox

Cast: Analeis Lorig, Matt Carlson, Stacey Linnartz, Lee Aaron Rosen, Kevin Crouch, Stephanie DiMaggio, Joseph Perrino, David Schroeder, Gretchen Hall, Ben Graney

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