Muin-al-Buka: The Master of Weeping

Written by Mark Schultz
Directed by Rubén Polendo
Inspired by the Sufi Poet Rumi
Performed at The Public Theater
Fall 1998

Theater Mitu presents a workshop at The Public Theater of Muin-al-Buka: The Master of Weeping. Written by M. Schultz/Directed by Rubén Polendo. Inspired by the Sufi Poet Rumi, the piece inhabits the sacred space of Iranian Tazi'eh. Using practices learned from whirling dervishes along with Turkish song and drumming, the company delves into the tremendous experience of this Muslim and Sufi mourning festival.

Set Design: Rubén Polendo and Scott Spahr
Lighting Design: Jenna Silverberg
Costume Design and Choreography: Scott Spahr
Original Music: Jef Evans

Cast: Aysan Celik, Lourdes Martin, Vivan Eng, Matt Saldivar, Denton Tarver

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