The Noh Cycle

Written and Directed by Rubén Polendo
An adaptation of Zeami's Noh plays The Damask Drum and Lady Han
Spring 1997

Theater Mitu presents a production of The Noh Cycle. Written and Directed by Rubén Polendo. An adaptation of Zeami’s Noh plays The Damask Drum and Lady Han, the piece deconstructs an extraordinarily controlled form using West African drums, medieval pageantry, butoh and Balinese masks in an attempt to experience the two pieces as a cycle.

Set Design: Braun Williams
Lighting Design: Ryan Mueller
Costume Design: Leon Wiebers
Stage Manager: Heidi Hernandez
Original Music: Jef Evans and Jenni-Lynn Brick

Cast: Yvonne Caro-Caro, Scott Clark, Rebecca Davis, Joseph Demonico, Matt Huhn, Margaret Kenny, David McDonald, Reza Safai, Tycho Thal

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