Theater Mitu has a long-standing engagement with India, starting with Artistic Director Rubén Polendo’s first research trip as a student in 1989. Since then, Mitu has investigated methods of various Indian performance traditions;  in particular, Kathakali, a highly stylized classical Indian-drama form, Mohiniyattam, one of India’s eight classical dance forms, and Kalaripayattu, often called the grandfather of all martial arts. Over the past eight years, Mitu has been fortunate to study with masters of these practices in their training facilities all over the subcontinent but most specifically in the city of Kollam in the southern state of Kerala. Theater Mitu has also worked extensively in partnership with The Visthar Center for Social Peace and Justice, a Bangalore-based, non-governmental organization that rehabilitates children at risk and trains activists and students on social justice issues, using art and performance as fundamental aids in this work.  Mitu has also facilitated six international South Indian artist intensives, inviting artists from around the world to train alongside Theater Mitu in South Indian performance traditions starting in 2009.  Performance research and training, cross cultural dialogue and scholarly exchange continue to be hallmarks of Mitu’s time in India with numerous trips to the region every year.

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