As a company, Theater Mitu has had its longest history with Thailand. Having created four productions there, Mitu has also worked in partnership with renowned Thai artist Patravadi Mejudon and the Patravadi Theatre.  Mitu travels there with groups of students for The Bangkok Artist Intensive, a rigorous training program where participants train in both Traditional Thai arts as well as Theater Mitu’s training methodology.  Theater Mitu’s research in Thailand has focused on Thai classical dance, Khon (Thai mask dance), Muay Thai (Thai Kick Boxing), Klong Sabat Chai (Thai War Drums), Krabi Krabong (Thai sword fighting) and Theravada Meditation, integrating these ideas and methodologies into Mitu training practices.  The work in Thailand embodies Mitu’s theoretical ideas about research and training – advancing them into vibrant, practical application.

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